How to: Install an iPhone Car Deck in a Corvette!

We’ve all heard about the iPod integration provided by car manufacturers nowadays (and how car kits can be dangerous). But what about iPhone integration? That’s right folks, I’m talking about a Do-It-Yourself job of integrating an iPhone into the deck of a Corvette!

So far these pictures have been the only pics I’ve seen of an iPhone integrated into a Corvette, let alone any car out there. The iPhone seems to have been flush mounted into dash of a Chevrolet Corvette. In a perfect world, I would assume the iPhone can be removed and installed–enabling use of the phone itself! Now this is what you call a sweet iPhone car integration setup!

Thanks to Sergio for emailing me these pics! If you guys know of any more information on where these pictures were orginally from, let me know in the comments! Enjoy the gallery everyone!

*EDIT* I just heard back from Sergio, and this is what he had to say…

The car is a 99 corvette…my buddy lives in Mississauga Ontario……the unit has a few things integrated internally that is directly hooked up to the amps of the car…so no head unit is required……the sound quality is excellent and crisp…..he has the unit charging playing and on remote control…

What it look like he did was custom wire up a board that would give him the ability to extend the dock connection from the phone…this way he can add the monster remote control fob and any other peripheral (GPS) he wants…..basically he just pops in the phone slides over each connection button…this connects the mini plug and the dock pin…and he is good to go….also he has the ability of talking and responding back via the internal speakers of the car…..kinda the best of both worlds…also it incorporates a mini actuator that extends and retracts the unit and all its electronics…the great thing it looks like a factory install…not like that crap you see on the web……the final thing is that the whole car has custom interior and what he did after creating the parts on a cnc leather wrapped and stitched the unit to match…now it just looks awesome…

Here’s a video of it in action:

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