Top 5 Ways to Sell your iPhone Prior to the 3G Launch

Can you smell that in the air yet folks? This is the time of the year when excitement is going to happen yet once again when Mr. Steve Jobs announces the release of new products/upgrades at the Apple WWDC. On June 9th we will most likely hear the announcement of a new 3G iPhone (and possibly news that the iPhone will be released in Canada!). Remember my popular post on the Top 5 Ways to Buy an iPhone for Canadians? Well today I’m going to write about the exact opposite.

I know a lot of you out there want the latest and up to date 3G iPhone. The question remains: what do you do with your 2.5G iPhone? Well, one idea that comes to mind is to…SELL IT! Why not make some cash to pay for your new 3G iPhone? Here are some of the top 5 ways to sell your iPhone prior to the 3G launch. Let’s go over them in detail!

Top 5 Ways to Sell your iPhone Before the 3G Launch

1. eBay – The world’s largest auction site is most likely your best bet to sell your babied iPhone. Why? Well, the iPhone is still in high demand throughout the world. There have been limited numbers of the current model in stores and you just never know who will be bidding on your phone. Include lots of pictures and write a good description. I would start my auction at $1.00 with “no reserve”–these kinds of auctions draw the most attention of create bid wars! Look at ‘previously completed’ iPhone auctions to get a sense of what iPhones have been selling for. Organize ended auctions by price and emulate what the highest ending seller did to get his price. Watch out for bidders from Nigeria…you’re gonna lose your money! 😉

2. Craigslist – Everybody’s favorite online marketplace for theives (kidding) will be perfect for your iPhone FOR SALE ad. The thing about Craigslist is that you’re going to run into a lot of people emailing you “lowball” offers. Just state your price and make sure you mention it’s “firm”. State the price you paid for accessories, such as the InvisibleShield you have on your phone and total it up on the description. This can prevent people from trying to get a better deal off you. Not sure about the price? Check up on previous sales, but if your iPhone is in mint condition don’t be afraid to stand firm on your price.

3. Internet Forums – Are you part of the internet community somewhere? If you have a good long standing reputation then selling your iPhone online can be pretty easy. Heck, you could even list your iPhone FREE on the iPhone in Canada Buy/Sell forums. However, I would advise both sellers and buyers to be extra vigilant when selling/buying on internet forums. Try to arrange local sales where you can meet up in person with someone to avoid being scammed via PayPal and a stolen credit card. Always meet in a public place, and not your local dark alley on a stormy night. Just a tip.

4. Friends, Family and Work – You know they’ve been longing your iPhone ever since you got yours and unlocked it yourself. Now you can make their dreams come true when you pawn off your first generation iPhone to them for just a bit less than what you paid. Yes, you might not get a fantastic price for your iPhone like you would on Craigslist and eBay, but a little generosity will go a long way. Need someone to help you move later down the road? You can hold this “bargain” iPhone sale against them–forever! It might help you build relationships and keep them too. 🙂

5. Give it to your wife/fiancee/girlfriend – You’ve been fortunate enough to buy your iPhone and utilize it all this time. Now you can’t get over the fact that you just absolutely NEED the 3G iPhone. Don’t feel like selling your $400 iPhone and lose money? Well, give it to your wife, fiancee or girlfriend. Sure, you won’t get money in return but trust me, the longterm payoff of this kind gesture will pay dividends in the future. Keep your iPhone in the family! Just be sure that your girlfriend won’t break up with you and run away with your Jesus Phone! 😉

These top five ways to sell your iPhone should help you in the transition to the new 3G iPhone that is coming our way (hopefully Canada right?). My biggest piece of advice when selling is to post an excellent description that is concise yet includes lots of details. Remember to include pictures and the original box if you can. Good luck with your sales and let me know how it works out for you.

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