iPhone in Canada this June–Plus a $7 Unlimited Data Plan

That was the headline posted at Electronista yesterday! Although that may get some of you a bit excited, there are a few things I find hard to believe about this article. Seriously folks, with the upcoming WWDC coming in June, expect the rumors to get fast and furious leading up to the announcement!

According to the article, insider sources have stated that the iPhone will be released by Rogers in June. Now, this is something I can believe as Apple will be making some big announcements at their WWDC on June 9th. Steve Jobs could probably announce the iPhone is being released by a long list of worldwide mobile carriers, with Rogers representing Canada.

As for the part that says Canada will have the cheapest data plan for the iPhone, $7/month for unlimited data, I find this a little hard to believe. Currently, the Rogers $7/unlimited plan is limited to Rogers-branded cellphone for mobile browsing. However, some users have already been using this plan with their iPhones successfully with no extra charges. For those who don’t want to get stuck with a bill over a couple grand, it’s better to wait for some official Rogers data plans.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that something awesome will be announced by Rogers…how many more days till the WWDC?! Thanks to all of you guys who sent this in! =)

Read: Electronista

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