iPhone Firmware 2.0 Update: Geotagging!

I’ve been keeping track of iPhone Firmware 2.0 pretty closely because when it’s released, our first generation iPhones will be able to keep up with the latest features, thanks to the Pwnage Tool. That’s the cool thing about the iPhone that I really like. The ability to have firmware updates that actually make your phone better, instead of the old school way of just being forced to buy another phone. Times sure have changed!

Anyways, my rant aside, the latest news on iPhone Firmware 2.0 that has the blog world buzzing is the possible added feature of geotagging! According to Firmware 2.0 beta testers, the iPhone’s camera app and Maps app will be able to show your “location” with GPS-like features. This could be a fantastic way to track friends and family, or to even follow that person you’re trying to stalk (be afraid, be very afraid!).

So far, we know that iPhone Firmware 2.0 will add push mail, save Safari images, location tracking, and embedded YouTube support. Until the supposed big announcements on June 9th, we’ll have to keep the countdown alive! Just be prepared for some new features when the next big iPhone firmware is released by Stevie Jobs. Enjoy the following screenshots, courtesy of MacNN.

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