Friday’s iPhone Rumor/News Round Up

In just over 72 hours it will be D-Day for Apple fans across the globe. June 9th marks the coveted Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference and this is when the 3G iPhone will be announced to the world. Make no mistake about it folks, all the clues point to this day being that magical day.

Let’s take some time to round up some of the latest iPhone before we enjoy our weekend. Here we go…

WWDC banners are now up at the conference center! Check out the following pic from Gernot Poetsch’s WWDC 08 photostream: offers some analysis on what the Apple must achieve with their newest iPhone to enter the corporate world, which is currently dominated by the Blackberry (or crackberry):

Some blogs are talking about 3rd party manufacturers plus 3G iPhone specs heading in the wrong direction…

iLounge broke news about potential new 3.2″ and 2.8″ Apple touchscreens coming in the near future…could these be them?

Thanks: iLounge, iDealsChina

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