The Lighter Side of the iPhone 3G Launch…

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So we’ve seen the more negative side of the iPhone 3G launch over the past few days. It all started with the announcement of the Rogers iPhone 3G voice/data plans (I think this upset a few people). That resulted in various internet uprisings, along with grassroots petitions against Rogers, the company that ruined the iPhone 3G according to some. Looks like CNN has caught this hot button issue and posted about it as well.

The Joy of Tech…laughter is the best tech support

Well, I think it’s time to take a step back from all the negativity and look at a lighter side of things. You know, sometimes we just need to step back and smell the roses. Take a break. Rest our brains. Yes, Rogers is pretty much “screwing” Canadians over in the words of some, but at the moment there’s not a whole lot we can do about it (aside from speaking with your wallet on July 11th).

Some of you may already read the Joy of Tech, but here’s one of their latest comics that involves the Apple iPhone 3G. When I saw this I knew I had to post it here on the blog! It made me chuckle and hopefully you’ll get a laugh too.

I think the last guy in the comic is trying to buy an iPhone 3G from Rogers, haha! As for the guy in the middle, the wife “quote” is pure gold. Does this comic apply to you? Enjoy your Monday. 🙂

**EDIT** Oh, here’s a FRESH comic about the whole Rogers failure with plans…now this is huge attention! This comic is SO TRUE! Please Rogers, wake up and smell the coffee! Enjoy folks!

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