Apple Drops iPhone 3G from Retail Stores, Rogers PWNED!

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Yikes. Breaking news suggests that Apple is not very happy with Rogers. So unhappy that Apple has decided to forego the sales of iPhone 3G units in Canadian Apple retail outlets altogether! That’s right…you won’t be able to buy iPhone 3G from the newly minted Apple Store Vancouver, or any other location. Your choices will be either Rogers, Fido, Rogers, Fido, Rogers…and did I mention Fido?

What is the ultimate quote from Apple? How’s this line for absolute pwnage: “We have nothing to do with the service plans. Those are Rogers’ plans.”

Ouch. This report builds on the earlier rumor that Apple is diverting massive iPhone 3G stocks from Canada to Europe. Oh boy, the joys of being Canadian. Hey, at least Rogers customers have one thing to look forward to this summer. We won’t be charged a fee for incoming text messages, unlike competitors Bell and Telus (which will start Aug.8 @ $0.15/message).

Jeez, if we’re not robbed by Rogers, we’re shanked by Bell and Telus. Gotta love oligopolies! =)

Thanks: Apple Insider

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