Rogers iPhone 3G Pricing Questions Answered–by Rogers

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Man…is it me, or are those Rogers press releases some of the most painful things to read? They are wordy, confusing, and just downright hard to digest. Anyways, there are a lot of questions being asked by people who want to jump on the iPhone 3G now that Rogers has introduced a “temporary” 6GB for $30 data plan.

The following email was sent by Rogers to Cyber Buzz from the Rogers team in Burnaby. It does help clarify a few things, especially since it’s an internal email from Rogers themselves. I know some of you may already know this, but let’s put it out there to help those who are still in a headspin from all the mis-information out there. Here we gooooo! Here are some highlights…click here to read the rest in detail…

How can an existing customer upgrade (HUP) to an iPhone 3G?

Existing customers in their renewal window can upgrade to an iPhone 3G. If you’re a Fido customer, you can also use your FidoDollars towards the purchase of an iPhone 3G. Information from my source says you WILL NOT have to change your plan. This HUP is based on tenure with Rogers.

What happens if I am not currently in the renewal window?

Rogers customers can renew and upgrade before their renewal window but will need to check their individual eligibility status. Fido customers who are not eligible to renew and upgrade to the iPhone 3G will need to wait until they reach their renewal window.

The maximum early cancellation fee is $400, the 8GB model is $199, that’s $599. To compare, that’s the original price of the iPhone 2G and this one is twice as fast.$599 is also well within the range of a variety of our unsubsidized smartphones today (BB Curve $549.99; Nokia N95 is $689.99).


iPhone 3G bundles released June 27 are not the ONLY price plans available to our customers, they are the high value plans that allow our customers to use this device to its fullest and offer considerable savings over separate voice and data plans that exist in market today.

Pretty interesting info. I’ve received word from my sources that users on first generation iPhones will be able to add the 6GB for $30 data plan to their iPhones, but you must sign a 3 year contract! Now that might be something to consider…

Most people are relatively happy with the 6Gb for $30 data plan. If you look at the big picture, it does offer a lot of value, but please keep in mind it’s only good till the end of AUGUST. However, this “time constraint” will force those on the fence to either lock in for 3 years before August is over, or lose access to the data plan once the “promotion” is over. Pretty sneaky marketing, once again from Rogers if you ask me. I would love to give in and jump on the iPhone 3G, but I don’t think 3G and A-GPS is a big enough upgrade for me (although it would be nice).

As for the 6GB of monthly data, people have been saying that AT&T caps their “unlimited plan” at 5GB/month–so possibly a WIN for Canada? Honestly though, 6GB is more than enough data for the average iPhone user, unless you’re watching YouTube videos all day. My first generation is serving me quite well, thank you very much. I managed to find a free WiFi hotspot in the dentist’s office an hour ago!

Need help deciding what to do? Check out the decision tree to help sway your decision…

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