Rogers iPhone 3G Launch = EPIC LIFE FAIL!

A VERY disappointing day for Rogers, just absolutely EPIC FAIL! Hey guys…okay so I just got home from the Rogers store on Arbutus and Broadway. I got there at 5:45am, a decent hour compared to the guys who showed up Friday night at 5pm!

Anyways…I was 57th in line. As for breakfast it was a no-name juice box and a tiny granola bar (they went all out with President’s Choice, LOL). A lot of people and media were at the store, just crazy. I would say after I got there, 75 or so more people lined up behind me. Met a bunch of cool people in line that made the time pass by very quickly!

So the doors open at 8am, slight cheer…but that was the end of the happiness for the day. The first 5 people in line ran into some problems. Turns out the Rogers network is down, or something is not working and activations DID NOT HAPPEN! At 9am, the same people were in the store. I was not going to wait 1 hour for 3 activations…I’d be there all day and then some more! I had to leave due to prior engagements so I left 10 mins ago!

I can’t believe Rogers…well, I can actually. What a day for them to mess up big time–EPIC FAIL folks. Anyways, gonna cut this short cuz I gotta run. Rogers…here’s a line from Gordon Ramsay…WAKE UP!!!!!!!! Will post pics/videos later!

PS – If you were standing in line with me, let me know if you your iPhone 3G! Oh, and give me an update on knife guy, purple shirt guy, and pink lady. LOL!

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