ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 3G Review: How to Install & CONTEST!!!

The invisibleSHIELD has a long standing reputation as one of the premier screenprotectors for electronics out there. When I managed to get my hands on a sample for my first gen iPhone, I wasn’t sure what to think. I had heard about them before but never really tried them out.

After seeing the positive results of the invisibleSHIELD on my first generation (read my review here), I was excited to test out the same product on my iPhone 3G. I am patiently waiting for another iPhone 3G that is in transit from Rogers due to my current iPhone’s inconsistent battery. BUT…today I managed to do a flawless install on my friend’s similar 8GB iPhone 3G!

invisibleSHIELD iPhone 3G Full Body Protector Review: What’s in the Box? What is it?

This time around ZAGG has made some minor changes to the interior of the invisibleSHIELD packaging. The squeegee is included still, along with the mild soap solution spray (which is in a new color), along with a 20% off coupon (the smart ones will click on the thumbnail, hint hint!), plus the lifetime warranty card.

For those who are not familiar with the invisibleSHIELD, you’re basically applying thin plastic sheets onto your iPhone. These unpenetrable sheets formerly were used on US military helicopter blades. That primed them for today’s gadgets, which in this case is my friend’s lucky iPhone 3G. I’m going to give you guys pointers on how to do the PERFECT install. This was my second install and I must say I’ve getting the hang of it!

How to Do the Perfect invisibleSHIELD iPhone 3G Install Job

Before you start, find yourself a good chunk of time. You don’t want to rush during this install. I’d say 1 hour would be enough for a job well done.

1. Turn off iPhone 3G. Wipe the iPhone down with a cloth to remove oil, dust, and dirt. Find a large clean surface. Lay out some paper towels.

2. Have the invisibleSHIELD front and back sheets ready to be peeled. Have the spray and squeegee ready.
3. Spray down fingers. Next, spray the front of the iPhone liberally. I’m talking soaking the front until you see large beads of water. Don’t worry, you won’t wreck the device! This is a crucial step. Look at how wet the iPhone 3G is here:

4. Slowly peel the front piece first. As you’re peeling away, spray the front piece as this will help prevent dust from clinging to the sticky side.
5. Lay down the front piece on the iPhone 3G. Since you’ve sprayed so much water, this gives you the ability to move and align the shield so that is perfect. Tear off a small corner of the paper towel and use this to squeegee out the excess water. As it squeegees out, the towel will soak up the water.
6. I like to use the rubber squeegee to take out tiny bubbles that my paper towel couldn’t do. Remember to press LIGHTLY as you don’t want to stretch the shield.

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for the back of the iPhone 3G. Use the hole for the camera to help you align the sheet, then move it accordingly to ensure you have enough froom for the sleep/wake button, silent switch, and volume rocker. Make sure the back is smooth before moving onto the corners/bezel. Once again, take a look at how wet the iPhone is:

8. CORNERS/SIDE BEZEL: This is where it can get tricky. These areas require the most time and patience for the perfect install. Press down on the corner pieces and hold for a solid minute or two with your thumb. If it’s not sticking, that means there’s too much water. Just hold down and use the heat from your fingers to “cure” the corners. Repeat for the sides of the bezel. You know you’ve done a good job when you don’t see any air bubbles and only black–like it’s INVISIBLE!

9. Stick the round “home” dot on your home button.
10. Let iPhone 3G sit for the invisibleSHIELD to cure. ZAGG recommends 24 hours. I would say give it at least 3-4 hours minimum for it to set. You don’t want to handle the iPhone at this point. Just let it be!
11. VOILA! The job is finished and your iPhone 3G is sitting pretty, ready for the elements! This was a fabulous install by yours truly. Here are the “after” shots:

Conclusion: Is the invisibleSHIELD for me? Why should I consider investing in one?

A lot of people don’t like these plastic shields on their iPhones. They find that it can reduce the sensitivity and functionality of the touchscreen. For me, I did not find any difference in the touch capabilities after installing the invisibleSHIELD. I’ve had one on my first generation for almost a year and everything works great to this very day. Some ask about how the invisibleSHIELD makes the iPhone screen look “bumpy” when viewed off on the side. It’s not that big of a deal and does not come up when you’re looking at the screen and it’s ON.

The invisibleSHIELD might be for you, or it might not. Some people like cases for their naked iPhone 3G, which is great. However, by using an invisibleSHIELD coupled with a nice case, you are taking protection to another level. You won’t have to worry about getting your precious Jesus-phone scratched. The invisibleSHIELD will allow you to sleep at night–don’t worry, your baby (aka the iPhone 3G) will be safe. Rest easy!

One of the best parts of owning an invisibleSHIELD is the 30 day moneyback guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty. Sure, order an invisibleSHIELD and try it out. Don’t like it? Quit crying and get a full refund already! You have nothing to lose but protection on your iPhone 3G. Also, on my first generation iPhone the corners started to peel after struggling to remove the phone from a tight fitting leather case. ZAGG sent me another shield as requested and I only had to pay the shipping.

Don’t take my word on the invisibleSHIELD. Some love it and some don’t, but the majority of users who have installed it properly with care are the ones who appreciate it. Take your time to install it–it’ll pay off. Check out my gallery below to make your own decision. Good luck!

CLICK HERE to visit the invisibleSHIELD website. For $24.95 (full body coverage) plus free shipping, it is definitely something I’d consider. Don’t forget to use coupon code “iphoneinca” for 15% off your order! Get one in time to protect your iPhone 3G before it’s even turned on!


That’s right folks! You can win a FREE invisibleSHIELD for your iPhone 3G! ZAGG was kind enough to include some to give away! This is your chance, your moment in life to win this for free! A $24.95 value just for you at absolutely no cost!

How to Enter my invisibleSHIELD iPhone 3G Contest/Giveaway

1. Post a comment here explaining why you should be worthy of this invisibleSHIELD. Don’t be lazy, you can’t win if you don’t comment!
2. Blog about this contest on your blog, and gain FIVE extra entries.

I’ll put all the names into a hat and draw a name while on video. This is going to be an awesome contest. Tell your friends and family about it (or not, to increase your chances, LOL)!

The contest will end one week today on Saturday, August 2nd at midnight PST. I will ship the invisibleSHIELD to residents of Canada and the USA (lucky neighbours down south!). Good luck!!!

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