iPhone Clarification, iPhone 3G Updates, Sena Slim Case Review

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Today’s discussion will be branched into three categories: (be ready to do some reading)

  1. The First Generation iPhone with phone plans
  2. The iPhone 3G
  3. A SENA Case for iPhone 3G review

First Generation iPhone

As many of you know, the iPhone 3G was released in Canada on July 11th, 2008. As thousands of people lined up everywhere to get the new iPhone 3G, just as many did not opt for the new 3G and instead continued on with their first generation iPhones.

Unlike the iPhone 3G, the first generation iPhone cannot be purchased at a Rogers or Fido outlet. The first generation iPhone can be bought on eBay or Craigs List or wherever you can buy non-Canadian phones/grey market phones and fortunately the first gen can be used with either a Rogers or Fido plan.

As of about two weeks prior to July 11th, 2008, the first generation iPhone was essentially banned from all Rogers/Fido outlets. What these means for clients and potential customers of Rogers/Fido is that you cannot activate a first generation iPhone. More specifically, the Rogers/Fido rep cannot touch the first generation iPhone without risk. So, how do you activate your first generation iPhone?

The best way to do this is simply to activate a SIM card. Go to your local Rogers/Fido and simply ask to start a yearly contract (for the best plans) and get a new phone (free phone on a 3 year contract). Now you have an activated SIM card and a spare phone (sell it or store it). From here, you will move your new SIM card from the new Rogers phone into your first generation iPhone. Now you have voice service. (If you already have a Rogers account, just move your SIM card into the iPhone)

If you are looking for add-ons such as voicemail, caller display, and data, things can become slightly more complex. At this time, you can add any add-on service such as regular Voicemail, caller display and texting to the first generation iPhone with any firmware and it will work fine. However, if you want the new Visual Voicemail, this can work on the first generation iPhone but you must have the new 2.0 firmware installed.

If you are looking to add data, this is where things get tough. While most of the data plans from Rogers work with the first generation iPhone, there have been mixed reviews about the new $30 6GB promo data plan working on the first gens. So, I would advise that until more proof is revealed, that if you need data on your first gen iPhone, stick with any data plan that is NOT the $30 6GB plan (see the windows mobile/blackberry data plan area of Rogers.com).

So, now you have working voice service, data service and add-ons.

Good Luck!

iPhone 3G

To begin, if you are currently in possession of the iPhone 3G, congratulations on your hard work and dedication in getting this device. As many know by now, it was (and continues to be) difficult to snag one of these phones and if you managed to get one, well done!

First, I want to clarify hardware upgrades on the iPhone 3G with Rogers.

If you are an existing customer with a consumer account and have had your phone for over one year (or it has been one year since your last upgrade or since the beginning of your account) you are eligible to upgrade. If you are a corporate customer and you have had your phone for over one year or two years (depending on your account), you too will be eligible.

In most cases, for either customer type, the iPhone will run you $199 for the 8GB or $299 for the 16GB, however, this is dependent on your account tenure and voice plan price amount and if you want to know for sure, either call Rogers or head to your local Rogers store to find out.

In order to get the phone at the above promo pricing (for either upgrades or new accounts), you must satisfy two things:

  1. You must sign or resign a 3 year contract
  2. You must have a monthly service fee for the voice plan being greater than $30. (Not $30 on the dollar, MORE than $30….so $30.01 or higher and if you downgrade ANYTIME during your contract length to a plan that is $30 or LESS, you will be charged a $50 downgrade fee and this fee only applies to iPhone accounts)

The definition of a monthly service fee is:

A) The voice plan ($30.01+ mega time plan)

B) A voice plan with a data plan ($30.01+ voice plan, with $30 data plan = $55 total but the voice plan is over $30)

If you do not want to have a higher than $30 plan, you can still get the iPhone, except you pay $249/$349 for the 8GB/16GB models (a $50 increase on both models).

As far as which plans can you choose with Rogers? Any plan, so long as it meets the above requirements. Also, for those people wondering about family plans, you can now both upgrade and activate new lines on Family Plans (this was not possible earlier this past week).

For those who want JUST a voice plan (so to get promo pricing, it has to be higher than $30.01) you can do this but remember that you will be charged at $0.05/kb for data usage without a data plan. If that fact does not scare you, be sure to contact Rogers and have them block �goam.com, internet.com� and anything else related to data and internet usage. What this means is you will only have access to the internet with WiFi (wireless internet) and if you are not in WiFi 24 hours/day, you essentially will have a less than complete iPhone 3G experience.

I realize that this does not answer every question, which is why I refer to you check out the iphoneincanada.ca forums page. Failing that, you can post here on this blog and failing that, you can Private Message me via the forums, but considering you need to get to the forums in order to message me, try the forum search function first, kay? Thx.

Sena iPhone 3G Ultra Slim Pouch Review

I recently picked up yet another case for my iPhone 3G (many of you may have read my review of the Belkin case) and this time it is from Sena.

I have been a long time user of Sena cases. I have had them for Blackberries, basic phones, the first generation iPhone, and now the iPhone 3G. The Sena case that I had for the first generation iPhone was Senas’ �Elega� line, which is essentially the larger version of their �ultra slim� line. In any case, I wanted to try the slim case this time around and in typical Sena fashion, it did not disappoint.

First off, this case is really really slim…I mean like really slim. Its like a package of Trident gum…SLIM. When I put my iPhone 3G into this case and close my eyes, I forget the case is even there…it’s THAT slim. And because of this slimness, the case REALLY grips onto the iPhone tightly.

The case itself is made of fine Napa leather so it feels very nice in the hand. The �slim pouch� line also only comes in this alligator skin texture (for lack of a better word) and hugs the iPhone 3G very tightly. Inside the case, the walls are lined with velvet and gives your iPhone 3G a nice snug and soft place to rest. On the front you also have the SENA logo (almost completely hidden and actually looks good) and along the back there is nothing but the alligator skin texture (no clip). Along the bottom of the case, on both sides, are six tiny cut out holes for the speaker and mic (three holes per side per speaker/mic).

So, what is not so good about this case you ask? Only one thing; its hard to take the iPhone out of the case (requires a solid push at the bottom). This small issue could be exclusive to me because I choose to still have the original plastic on the front of my iPhone 3G (pending the invisible shield arrival) and I can see where that plastic can cause the iPhone to not slide in/out of the case so easily. However, once you do get it half way out (see the video on Senas website) it almost feels as if the phone COULD fall and this is something I really do not like.

On a lighter note, the difficulties could also be from the fact that it’s a new case and it takes some time to stretch it out, but in a way, I am happy that it is hard to take it out because to me, that means my iPhone 3G will not just accidentally fall out of the case.

Currently, this case type comes in 10 different colors and runs for $29.99 from the Sena Online Store. A solid price for a really solid and SLIM case. SLIM. 🙂

Well folks, that will just about do it. No give-away today however I have something in works coming up, so stay tuned!

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