PhantomSkinz iPhone 3G Clear Case Protection Review/Contest

The moment people buy their virgin first gen iPhones or iPhone 3G’s, they need a case ASAP. I’ve tried silicone cases (which FAIL because dust/debris gets in behind, and actually harms your phone), leather cases, pouches, armored cases, etc. Out of all of these I still leave my iPhone protected by thin film protectors like the invisibleSHIELD.

Today we’re proud to introduce another entrant to the clear case game, and that’s none other than This company produces a variety of top notch thin film protectors for cellphones, cameras, and other electronic devices. When I received a sample of their skin for the iPhone 3G, I decided to install it on my original iPhone 3G before returning it to Rogers. Let’s see how the PhantomSkinz for the iPhone 3G held up to my other installs of the invisibleSHIELD, BestSkinsEver, and Bodyguardz.

PhantomSkinz iPhone 3G Clear Case Protection: What’s included + Getting Setup

PhantomSkinz calls their protective skins Optically Clear Protection for Personal Electronic Device’s (PED’s). The sample I received contained a set of skins, extremely detailed instructions, and an “application tool” aka a plastic card. When you buy from PhantomSkinz they throw in a second set. This is handy if you mess up your install badly or need another set in the future.

How to Install PhantomSkinz on your iPhone 3G

PhantomSkinz provides some detailed instructions on how to install the skin on your iPhone 3G. I followed their instructions in combination with my experience installing many invisibleSHIELD installs. In a nutshell, this is what I did after finding a clean, open area to do the install.

1. Wipe down your iPhone 3G so it’s free of oil, dirt and stains. Get a warm glass of water.

2. PhantomSkinz install differently than the rest. You dunk the skins into water to “soak” it, then once that’s finished you just peel and apply to your iPhone 3G.
3. I started with the front piece first. I tried hard to use AS MUCH WATER as I could to get rid of air bubbles. PhantomSkinz claims that their skins are the best in the business in terms of clarity and not hindering the touch screen’s sensitivity. Front piece went on flawlessly and line up perfectly.

4. Next up, the back piece. Remember to soak it along with your fingers when you’re peeling. Use as much water as you can. I actually messed up a bit on this piece, but removed it, soaked it in water again (as per their instructions for redoing installs) and applied it again–perfect!

5. Start pressing down the sides. Work on the corners. These two areas are the most difficult areas to install these “skins”, regardless of which company you order from. My best advice is to take your time and be PATIENT! Getting angry will only cause you to lose your temper, and do a horrible installation.
6. Press down and HOLD. This will help “cure” the corners and let it “set” (last pic is 24hrs later).

YouTube instructions here:

So How did the PhantomSkinz for the iPhone 3G fare?

The key to making the perfect “clear skin” for cellphones and other devices is to ensure that the plastic is cut exactly to the iPhone 3G’s specs. The sample I had was very close to the iPhone specs. I found that soaking the skin in water is not as effective as using a broad spray like some of the other companies. It’s harder to get solution to spread evenly on the iPhone. However, this can be easily solved by creating your own “spray” for the install.

The highlight of the install was how easy it was to put on the front piece. The corners of the back piece took some extra time for me to complete. The time spent was on par with my other “skin” installs. The front piece after 24 hours had cleared up very well (“orange peel” effect was not very visibile, if any). The screen was not affected by the “plastic” and I felt no delays whatsoever.

A Rock Solid 30 Day Moneyback guarantee, Lifetime Warranty plus Free Shipping!

PhantomSkinz backs up their skins with a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty. Their website states that for ANY REASON you choose to replace your skin, it will be approved. Now that’s something you gotta love. I really do enjoy shopping online from vendors that offer a guarantee/warranty–definitely a bonus.

The secret with all of these is that you MUST set aside some time for the install. You must be patient and calculate exactly where you choose to lay down the skins. Remember that they are precision cut, so if you mess up it’s YOUR fault since you didn’t line it up properly. So please take extra care!

Comparing the PhantomSkinz to the invisibleSHIELD, BodyGuardz, and BestSkinsEver is a difficult one. Each product has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some companies offer an extra set. Some don’t. Some include a tiny bottle to spray with, some don’t. The one positive about the PhantomSkinz is that their film was very thin and the screen looked amazing the day after. Very flat and no “bumps” visible. A full body set of PhantomSkinz will cost you $24.95US. Check out their website and make your decision!

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PhantomSkinz iPhone 3G Contest/GIVEAWAY!

PhantomSkinz has graciously donated extra skins to giveaway to readers. To enter this FREE giveaway, post a comment in this post and you’re entered! Contest will end on Friday, August 8th at midnight PST! Good luck!

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