Unique Skins Custom Vinyl Skins for iPhone 3G–REVIEW/CONTEST!

Sometimes protecting your iPhone 3G can be a boring with some of the cases out there. One way to “spruce” up your iPhone 3G to make it stand out from the rest is by using a custom vinyl skin. Not only will you get some protection for your iPhone, but you’ll look cool at the same time.

Today we’re going to check out some custom vinyl skins for the iPhone 3G made by our friends from Unique Skins. For the bargain basement price of $6.99 for a customized skin, you can’t go wrong with your order! I decided to put their website to the test and they graciously allowed me to place complimentary order to test their product. Let’s find out more, shall we?

Designing your Custom Skin is Easy

Designing the skins were a breeze on their website. You are allowed to upload custom images or use their supplied images/designs as well as add text. They definitely have made it very easy for users to create these custom skins. You can custom design both front and back pieces for your iPhone. Just follow the instructions on your website and you can get a design created in a matter of minutes.

Installing your Unique Skin

After receiving the skins in the mail they come sealed in plastic which helps keep them free of dust and debris. Installation was quite simple and can be completed in less than 15 minutes since there are no tricky corners to deal with. The only tricky part was the front piece as there are two thin strips along the sides that need to be placed down evenly. These skins are more of a cosmetic application rather than full protection, so this is something to keep in mind.

Pictures of My Incredible iPhoneinCanada.ca Design

So just how did I do with my design? Well, I combined a logo that was created for us by forum member TheDoc and the blog header by my buddy Greg. Here are the results:

If you want to customize your iPhone and want to try something different, consider a customized skin from Unique Skins. At the price of $6.99 it’s a pretty good deal I’d say. The 3M material does not leave any sticky residue on your phone and is easy to apply. Go try it for yourself! Click here to visit UniqueSkins.com!


CONTEST TIME FOLKS! I managed to slowly peel off the skin you saw in the pictures above and put it back on its sticky sheet. I also have another custom skin I designed too. So that means THREE skins I’m giving away! If you are interested in winning one of these skins, post a comment here and you’ll be entered! Contest ends Friday at midnight (if you’ve won in the past month you’re not eligible)! GOOD LUCK!!

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