Rogers iPhone 3G vs BlackBerry Bold: Who Will Win?

Competitors to Apple’s iPhone have a long ways to go. We previously mentioned about Bell’s Samsung Instinct and Telus’ HTC Touch Diamond, the so called “iPhone Killers”. Well, just yesterday the highly anticipated Blackberry Bold was launched by Rogers. Just how will these other phones fare against the almighty “Jesus-phone”?

For starters the Blackberry Bold is being pushed by Rogers at a much higher pricepoint than the iPhone 3G. Pricing is at $399 for the Bold on a 3 year contract (the 8GB iPhone 3G is priced at $199 and the 16GB is $299) What do you get for that price? Well, if you’re a Blackberry fan you will be able to…(this made me chuckle):

…create awe with this powerful and feature rich smartphone. From the leather textured battery door to the luminous display and design, you know from the moment its in your hands that you’ve got the premium product of the already impressive BlackBerry suite

But the fun doesn’t stop there. This new Blackberry “is the pinnacle of desire – the embodiment of style, ambition, and prestige.”



Okay, enough with the Rogers Blackberry Bold marketing regurgitation. The bottom line is that the Blackberry Bold is being geared to a different segment of mobile users. I see Blackberries as more of a secure smartphone for business solutions and the iPhone 3G as a user friendly internet/multimedia device. Some people will favor the QWERTY keyboard instead of the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard.

The Bold does look better than older models with its new form factor and it does come fully packed with features (think WiFi, GPS, 3G, leather back). However, I love my iPhone 3G because at the moment it offers the best internet experience on a cellphone. The iPhone’s touchscreen works great for me, even with my monstrous sized thumbs (I blame the mailman!).

Being able to render webpages exactly the way it looks on your computer is a huge bonus. Throw some intuitive touch controls and the package is complete. When I think of the Blackberry’s trackball, small screen, and web browser I shudder slightly with disgust. However, there are features the Blackberry has that the iPhone doesn’t. A couple I’m thinking of are turn by turn GPS and being able to email your GPS map location to others.

Check out the following Bold vs iPhone (first gen) showdown posted by Mobile Computer Mag (via Gizmodo). This might sway your decision on which device to buy (get ready to see some pain):



Okay so it looks like the editor of that video might not have optimized his test because this user responds to his video:



So what do you think about the Blackberry Bold vs iPhone “war”? I think the Bold will be successful, but it won’t be “iPhone 3G” successful. Apple’s marketing machine is much too powerful to overcome, plus the phones are geared towards different users. The big question I have to ask is: anyone going to sell their iPhone/iPhone 3G for a Blackberry Bold? 🙂

Thanks: [Mobile Computer Mag]

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