50% Sale & CONTEST! is 50% off for September!

A while back I reviewed the iPhone 3G skin from but now they want to show the entire interwebs just how great their product is compared to the rest. Read on below!

“Yes that is right. PhantomSkinz has decided to further test market their product exclusively with, and in doing so, wants to give incentive to EVERY iPhone 3G user to try PhantomSkinz. They feel that their product is superior to the competition and are willing to prove it. For the month of September, PhantomSkinz will give you 50% off any iPhone 3G order that is greater than $24.95 USD. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. The company owners state, “We have seen tremendous interest in our product with the iPhoneinCanada forum. We want everyone to be able to try our product. So we are making this offer to all of you in Canada for the entire month of September.

In order to take advantage of this offer, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the PhantomSkinz ad below to initiate 50% off:

Step 2: On the PhantomSkinz Home Page, click on the iPhone 3G image like the one you see below. Next, add the Full Body Kit to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout. Your 50% discount will be automatic.

PhantomSkinz $100 Giveaway/Contest!

Additionally PhantomSkinz wants to hear from you. Once you receive their kit, email them your comments and pictures to The comments/pictures that illustrate the biggest advantage that PhantomSkinz has over its competitors will receive a $100 gift credit towards any future orders! Get creative! Get smart! Get PhantomSkinz! Get your $100! We will post some of the more amusing and demonstrative examples here at!”

So there you have it folks…get a chance to try PhantomSkinz for $12.50 and even a chance to win $100 gift credit! Give it a shot if you’ve been waiting to try one of these “skin” solutions!