FlyCast (FlyTunes): Free iPhone Internet Radio

One of the major benefits of the 2.0 firmware on the iPhone is the addition of the App Store. There have been some really cool apps that we’ve seen (and some horrible ones too), but for the most part you need to sift through the junk to find the quality ones.

Today we’re going to check out FlyCast, a free app that streams internet radio to the iPhone! Formerly known as FlyTunes, the app works on the original first gen and iPhone 3G. You can listen to radio, podcasts, and even videos. It’s touted as the best free internet radio app now with all its features.

Highlights of FlyCast:
– select from over 520+ channels of music, news, and sports. Satellite-radio quality audio
– works well on EDGE, even better on 3G and WiFi
– some stations are on demand! This lets you choose and skip songs.
– lack of Canadian content is a bit disappointing
– the app buffers a stream of content, so you can fast forward and rewind your song

If only this app could run in the background, it would be even better. Okay so FlyCast does run in the background (thanks magpie). Turn off “Quick Play” in the settings tab. Select a station and then the app will launch it via Quicktime, then run in the background! Voila, you can now do whatever you want while listening to your tunes!

In order to add favorites (thanks Christophe):
1) register on the FlyTunes website.
2) click on the link you receive by mail to validate your registration
3) enter your email and password in the Flycast application settings
4) click on the white star on the left of the radio title. This star only appear if you do all of this.

What I love about FlyCast is the huge selection of channels out there. You can listen to diggnation, CBS, CNN, 60 Minutes, unlimited radio, talk, weather, traffic, and stations from all over the USA. Make sure you have a healthy data plan or are using WiFi when you’re running FlyCast. Maybe this is my time to hit the 6GB mark…who wants to try with me? 😉

Check out the following picture gallery:

Right now the app is free via the App Store so get your hands on it now! If you want to chat more about FlyCast, make sure you join the discussion at the Forums! Click here to register!

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