Ped3 Rotating Stand vs iClooly Alumistand Review/Comparison

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Ped3 Rotating Stand VS iClooly AlumiStand

Let’s start with the scenario. I finally decided on a stand for my iPhone 3G, the Thoughtout… Ped3. All the reviews were promising, and I needed something other than the dock. I received my Ped3 four days before my invisibleSHIELD arrived, so I got to try it both ways.

After receiving the Ped3, I found an ad for this little guy:

I just bought a Ped3, and then this little beauty came out. I emailed the company asking where I could buy one in Canada, and, almost as fast as the reply email, a sample unit appeared on my door to review. YES! So, with all those great iPhone products so recently at my disposal, I bet you’re all wondering, which is the best iPhone stand in the world? The answer? It’s complicated…

Ped3: Very Well Thought Out…

Let’s start with the Thoughtout Ped3. Now this is a cool little product. So cool in fact, than no other stand has been able to knock it off the top of the reviews. And, it’s been out for almost a year.

Pros: Very solid design, cable management, 360 degree rotation, full port, button and speakerphone access, and a choice of fit (snug or loose) with or without a 3rd party case

Cons: Does not ship ready to fit an iPhone 3G, stand is designed for flatter first gen iPhone, minor adjustments necessary to get full use of speakerphone, angle not freely adjustable, Ped3 + invisibleSHIELD = Sticky situation

The Ped3 is a very well built product. It is made of steel not plastic and the company promotes bending the little arms that hold the iPhone to get the best fit. This is a very good thing as you will have to do that to get it to fit your 3G and obtain the best viewing angle for your sitting / laying position. Also, if you use a 3rd party case, you can adjust these arms wider and even slide off the rubber grips if it suits your situation.

There is a perfectly designed slot in the back to hold your USB cable (I use it to secure my Jawbone charger cable too). The freely spinning design is great for landscape viewing, and while easy to rotate by hand, it will not move by itself. You have full access to all of the buttons, ports, and the speakerphone. You may find you have to slightly bend one of the arms to get the most volume out of your speaker, but it’s a negligible difference.

Do I love this stand? Yes and no. I love the idea of it. I love that, no matter how you protect your iPhone you can still use this stand. It falls a little short in the fact that you cannot freely adjust the viewing angle. There are two holes on the base at different angles, and, you can attach the holder to either of these holes. I had to bend my stand quite a lot to get it at the perfect angle for when I’m either sitting at my desk, or laying on my bed using it as an alarm clock or to watch movies. Now that I have it set up, it is great, although sometimes I slouch in my chair after a long day, and the viewing angle isn’t quite right.

My ONLY other complaint, that isn’t really a complaint, is that after I installed the invisibleSHIELD, it was a little trickier to get it out of the stand. It sticks to the rubber arms making me be extra careful when taking it out so I don’t launch my phone onto the floor. The positive to this, is that the iPhone ain’t going nowhere when it’s in the Ped3.

Conclusion: The Ped3 is the best stand for your iPhone if you use any kind of 3rd party shields or cases. 8/10

Rockridge Sound iClooly Alumi Stand

Well, well, well… finally a Ped3 contender. Fresh into the North American market from Japan, this nifty little fella might as well have been designed by Jonathan Ives himself. At first glance it is everything that an iMac is, but for your iPhone. Does it hold up to its first impression?

Pros: Very cool form factor, adjustable angles, 90 degrees rotation, perfect fit, cable management, access to most buttons, ports and speakerphone, comes with a headphone extension cable just in case

Cons: Can’t use with protective cases or films, flimsy spring for angle adjustment, awkward phone ejection, expensive

This is a seriously cool stand in a lot of ways. The packaging made me want to tear into it, and holding it in your hand does make you think you just got a tiny iMac. When you first get it, you’re going to think the spring for the angle adjustment is broken. Don’t worry, it needs the weight of the iPhone in the stand to work properly.

I had to do the unthinkable to be able to review this stand. I removed the invisibleSHIELD from the back of my iPhone. I tried and I hoped, but it would not fit. The company told me this in a previous email, so it was not a surprise.

I was nervous the first time I popped my naked iPhone into the Alumi Stand. It rests against a hard plastic liner, and plastic buttons on the case press against the iPhone buttons so you can operate them. All went well, it fit like a glove and the buttons worked great. You also have full port and speakerphone access and they even throw in a headphone extension cable just in case your favorite headphones don’t fit through the hole. The only thing to note is that you have no access to the silent switch above the volume buttons.

This iPhone stand has a lot going for it, but unfortunately has a lot against it too. Right now, the product is so new they are not common in North America. You can get them from a distributor in the US, but after shipping they are about $80. The packaging, while looking great, is printed mostly in Japanese. Granted, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this little guy out. Initially, when you take it out of the package, it seems a little too light. Then you realize, duh, its made of Aluminum. The iPhone weighs it down enough that you don’t worry about it knocking over.

I have two main complaints about the Alumi Stand. First, much like an iMac, the stand can tip back or forward depending on your position, but, unlike an iMac, this is not a smooth ride. The angle is adjusted with a spring that needs the weight of the iPhone in the stand to hold it down. The angle is adjustable about 90 degrees, but because of this spring, it will not hold at the lowest or highest position and tends to settle closer to the middle. It still has a good range for viewing, but I’m nervous about the longevity of the spring.

The second complaint is the ejection method for the iPhone. There is a button on the back of the stand that, when pushed in, will angle the iPhone out of the case. You then have to pick the case up, tip it over, and let the iPhone drop into your hand. Anything requiring me to drop my iPhone, even an inch into my hand, worries me.

Conclusion: If you love to rock your iPhone naked, this case may be right for you. Aside from its flaws it is something you will love to see sitting on your desk. 7.5/10

Comparison: The Ped3 still comes out on top. I’m having a bit of an internal struggle whether to use both the Ped3 and the Alumi Stand or to put an invisibleSHIELD back on and only use the Ped3.

You want the Ped3 if: You use any kind of external protection, you are rough with your stuff, you don’t use it in too many different positions

You want the Alumi Stand if: You believe iPhones were meant to be naked, you love the design, you’re not a butter fingers

Thanks for the review, Mike!
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