iPhone 3G USB Cradle Charger from Wireless Ground

There are a lot of places to buy iPhone accessories. We’ve reviewed lots of cases and protectors from the following companies: ZAGG (invisibleSHIELD), Unique Skins, GelaSkins, PhantomSkinz, and OtterBox to name a few. For those early readers of the blog you might remember my review of the Monaco Pouch Leather Case from Wireless Ground. I’m actually using this pouch case along with the invisibleSHIELD and it’s worked out really well for me.

WirelessGround.com sent us one of their iPhone 3G charging solutions recently. Today we’re going to take a brief look at their iPhone 3G USB cradle charger. The charger itself is a cradle that holds your iPhone securely with a snug fit. The charger comes with a USB charging cable and AC power adapter. So you can essentially charge both ways.

The dock itself is silver with a plastic back to hold your iPhone 3G securely. I tested the charger with my iPhone and it worked flawlessly. The charging went fairly straight forward. There is a blue LED status indicator when you’re charging the unit. However, this charger does seem like it was a generic model from a larger iPhone accessories factory. The unit itself is sturdy but after closer observation this cradle is a no-frills charging unit for your iPhone 3G.

If you’re looking for a replacement iPhone 3G dock/charger, you might consider this dock from WirelessGround.com. The unit is not Apple-certified, but you can’t expect much from a no-frills replacement dock/charger. That being said, most of these aftermarket accessories will do the job just like the real thing, but at a lower cost. Just something to think about!

Check out the following pics of the iPhone 3G cradle charger from WirelessGround.com:

Currently I’m enjoying the use of an iPhone 3G dock from Apple. I love the thing to death, it’s a must-have accessory. However if you are looking for a 3rd party solution, this charger cradle is available for $22.95US from Wireless Ground.

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