iPhone 2.2 Firmware Preview: Streetview, Bus Routes, Location Sharing

iPhone 2.2 firmware should be coming soon and along with it a new list of features. What’s coming in store for us? We’ve previously broken down 2.1 firmware, but will we get the new features we wished for in upcoming 2.2 firmware? According to leaked screenshots we should be getting Streetview via Google Maps, walking directions, transit times, and location sharing. I love seeing these previews so let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Google Maps Streetview and Walking Directions

For those who have used the Streetview feature in Google Maps, you already know how cool this feature is. It allows you to take a virtual tour of any major city that Google has mapped out already. Currently only major American cities have Streetview but this feature comes in very handy if you are planning a future trip or want to do some reconnaissance. Note the tiny circle in the corner with a map of where you’re looking. COOL!

Transit Routes

If you notice the tab in the middle above, you’ll see an option for bus routes. Well now you’re going to get some more detailed information on transit times. We’re not sure if this will have Canadian transit times implemented, but just imagine the possibilites for those who take transit (those in Vancouver can already use the Translink iPhone website).

Location Sharing

This is a major feature I’ve been waiting for, the ability to share my location with others. As you can see above you’ll now be able to email your GPS coordinates to a friend or family member. If they also have Google Maps on their phone (or are already using an iPhone 3G) you guys can stalk each other in real life.

This is what makes me love the iPhone so much–firmware updates that bring new features to the phone itself! Hopefully Apple will address the current lag I’m still experiencing on my iPhone 3G. Fix that and I’ll be a very happy camper once firmware 2.2 is released! What do you guys think of these upcoming features?

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