Future Shop Selling the iPhone 3G Without Contract?

Remember when I posted about Future Shop selling the iPhone 3G? Eventually that rumor was validated by Rogers themselves in a press release. Well, most Future Shop locations are now selling the iPhone 3G on three year contracts, at the regular $199 price on a three year contract. Well, yesterday I received a tip from reader Duc, that FutureShop.ca has iPhone 3Gs listed online for full non-contract prices!

I quickly surfed over to FutureShop.ca and found out the following:

– 8GB iPhone 3G, Black, selling for $649.99
– 16GB iPhone 3G, Black/White selling for $749.99

Now, when I first saw these prices on the website I was presuming that these iPhones were being sold outright without contracts. I ended up calling my local Future Shop to inquire about my discovery. As expected, they had no clue that these iPhone 3Gs were being advertised on the website, and assured me that they were not allowed to sell any without a three year contract.

If Future Shop is indeed selling these iPhone 3Gs at full price without contracts, I’d imagine a whole wackload of these phones will be purchased and shipped elsewhere in the world. They will become valuable commodities once the iPhone Dev Team releases the iPhone 3G software unlock (or you could also visit Vietnam)!

Who to believe? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Check out the following screenshots or visit FutureShop.ca and see for yourself! Anyone work at Future Shop?

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