Review: iPower-3G Portable Battery Pack

Hey all!

Today’s post will be a review of the �iPower-3G�, a portable battery charger for the iPhone 3G.

�iPower-3G� portable battery charger

The �iPower-3G� is a portable battery charger that is designed for the iPhone 3G!

After a brief run with the �iPower-3G�, I got about a half-day worth of extra battery. Mind you, I was heavy browsing and using the GPS/Maps function, so I would imagine it would be longer under more minimal usage. In other words, I was quite happy with the results.

Some of the nice features on the battery pack are that it includes an external speaker and volume controls (10 levels of volume). The battery pack also has an on and off button and an interesting way to display the battery status. What happens is when the �iPower-3G� battery level gets to 10% remaining, the 1st LED indicator will flicker very quickly. Then, if the battery level is below 5%, the battery pack will just stop charging the iPhone, however the external speaker will still work for some time. The other neat thing is the way you load your iPhone into the battery pack. The top edge of the battery pack is retractable (the only moving part on the whole device), so you lift this part up and the iPhone just slides in perfectly and then let go and the top edge slides into place. Easy!

The other attribute I really like is that the battery pack connects directly on to the back of the iPhone and makes the iPhone and battery pack one solid device, which allows for extreme portability. Moreover, the battery pack requires no external batteries; while the device is quite light weight, overall while attached to the iPhone, it does add some bulk, but this is expected.

If you are interested in this battery back, the �iPower-3G� is available (in black or white) for $44.00 on the company online store.


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