Winners of our iPhone 3G BestSkinsEver Contest

Hey everyone, it’s Saturday and that means it’s time to play. So to keep things nice and short, here are the five lucky winners from our BestSkinsEver iPhone 3G Contest, held a week ago:

andrew jackman

Congrats to our winners! Remember, once you receive your BSE, please send a one or two paragraph write up to me and maybe include some pics! gary AT iphoneincanada dot CA 😉

Blackberry Takes a Swing at the iPhone

The Blackberry is an awesome device for email–and that’s about it. 😉 Anyways, here’s a video that’s been making the rounds on the internet. The iPhone has flaws that we admit, but it’s still an amazing phone (which we would never give up to get a Blackberry for; or at least in my case). Remember, iPhone > Storm.

This commercial apparently was never released by RIM, but now it’s out in the open: