Review: Stop the ball with “Balls up”!

Hey all.

Today I have a simple and fun game for your reading. It is called “Balls Up” and all you have to do is keep the ball from touching the ground!

Balls Up by Bouncing Ball LTD

Balls Up is fun little game in which your goal is to prevent the ball from touching the ground. To do this, you must quickly tap the ball repeatedly, which keeps it in the air. The higher you go, the more points you get!

What is great about the game is that it starts out simple, but becomes very difficult and you don’t really notice it until you have a ton of points and then fail and proceed to get extremely annoyed! However, it only makes you better at the game.

The game also features online and local score tables, some great graphics, and a nice complement of sounds to go along with the gameplay.

Balls Up can be picked up at the iTunes AppStore for $0.99.

However, I have hidden a promo code in this post somewhere for Balls Up! I made it obvious, so if you find it, it’s yours!



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