Review: Griffin TuneJuice

Hey all!

Today I have the Griffin TuneJuice up for review, a backup battery for your iPhone or iPod.

TuneJuice by Griffin

The TuneJuice is a portable back-up battery solution that is designed for the iPhone but can be used with the iPod as well or any other dock connecting Apple device.

The TuneJuice runs off of 4-AAA batteries which is both a positive and negative aspect of the accessory. First, the positive part is that the TuneJuice does not require a charge itself. So if you need it, you do not have to charge it with USB or anything. Just put in 4-AAA batteries and you are set. The negative aspect of this is the amount of batteries. Batteries can be expensive, especially AAA ones and if you currently do not have batteries on you, they can be difficult to find, depending on where you are.

During my tests, I drained my iPhone 3G until it was completely dead and then plugged in the TuneJuice. The battery saving features of my iPhone are: 20% brightness, 1 hour data fetch, and no other additional services running such as bluetooth or Wi-Fi. After plugging in the TuneJuice and letting the iPhone sit in sleep during the entire charge (did not use the iPhone), the TuneJuice charged up the iPhone to about 80%. Overall, not bad. I have seen better capacity chargers, but those are also much bigger than the TuneJuice.

So if you are looking for a small, light-weight, portable battery-backup solution, check out TuneJuice. It can be picked up from the” target=”_blank”>Griffin Online Store for $29.99.

But right now, I am going to give-away this little nugget to the sixth person below to post why they could use the Griffin TuneJuice!


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