Morningstar iPhone App Review: Investment Advice On the Go

For the investors out there, the iPhone’s Stock app provides quick instant updates with the stock sticker on trading days. However, the Stock app has its limitations, so with the advent of the App Store, new apps have come to the rescue.

The Morningstar iPhone app was recently released and it’s a worthy contender as one of the best financial iPhone apps out there. Morningstar provides reliable data and analysis for investors of all types. Let’s take a look at the features of their iPhone app:

*Investing ideas
*Real-time quotes
*Analyst research
*Timely financial news
*Morningstar Ratings
*Company profiles
*Customized Watch List
*Ticker look-up Search


I found the layout of the iPhone app very easy to use and extremely simple to read. It was nice to have the analysis of stocks, companies, mutual funds, and pretty much you name it all inside a simple loading app.

Here are some screenshots:



I found the iPhone extremely resourceful and it puts the Stock app to shame. It’s currently a free download within the App Store and definitely a must have app for all the investors out there. Given today’s economic climate, this is certainly the time to pick up some bargains for the long term!

Other notable financial apps include the Bloomberg app, which also is very useful. However it does not have as much analysis built in as the app. I would also hope for the next update to include a focus on Canadian stocks and financial news. That would make it even better!

What is your current favorite iPhone financial app?