Fido to not receive new iPhone in 2009?

We have all heard the rumors about Fido possibly not receiving the new iPhone in Summer 2009. Within the past few months Rogers Wireless, who owns Fido, has turned Fido into a discount brand labeling them as the “new” Fido. They have received new plans, new signage, new everything and now compete amongst the likes of Koodo Mobile (Telus) and Solo Mobile (Bell Mobility).

Traditionally, Fido has not had very many smartphones or data devices. Over the last year, the three popular ones were the Samsung Jack , the iPhone 3G, and the Blackberry Pearl. Rogers on the other hand has received all of these phones plus atleast five other blackberries, an HP device and the new two new HTC devices coming in June.


In November of 2008, we received word that Fido may not be selling the iPhone 3G at all in 2009 and shortly after that in March of 2009, we received word that the 16GB iPhone 3G was being discontinued at Fido.

Needless to say, it seems Fido is becoming more and more of a true discount carrier with less smartphones and more regular consumer devices, with a heavier focus on text message plans than data plans.

Well, the latest word about this, it seems that Apple has removed the “Fido” signage from their latest Canadian TV Ads labeled “Read” and “Fix”. If you look at previous ads, you will notice the Rogers and Fido brand signage together or one preceding the other, but in these latest ads, there is no Fido to be found anywhere.

Should current Fido customers be worried about having to switch to Rogers now to get the Jesus Phone?

Could this be the final nail in the coffin for Fido and the iPhone?

What are your thoughts?