Next Generation iPhone Spotted in Vancouver, BC

We are a week away from Apple’s WWDC, where the next generation iPhone is supposed to be unveiled. Well, it looks like just yesterday I spotted the next generation iPhone in the wild in Vancouver! Take a look at the following pic:


Okay, so that might NOT be the actual layout of the new iPhone (it was my friend’s custom made birthday cake!), but I would think it’s a close enough render of what the final hardware will look like. What do you think?

New Images of the “Real” iPhone Spotted in Hong Kong?

9to5 Mac recently posted up some pictures from a Hong Kong blog, claiming to be pictures of the next iPhone. Essentially the story goes that a HK resident is excited to have his USA friend visiting who has a surprise–a demo unit of the next iPhone.

We see screenshots of the digital compass app, and the ability for the iPhone’s camera to autofocus. Pictures taken are compared of the current iPhone vs the “new” iPhone. Take a look for yourself:



Like I’ve said before, the so called “leaks” are coming out fast and furious leading up the WWDC! We really don’t know what to believe, so take all of these stories you are reading with a grain of salt. I’m hoping that the next iPhone comes with iChat (both video/audio/chat) to rival all those pesky BlackBerry Messenger users who treat BBM like it’s the best thing ever! 😉

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you think Apple will announce a new iPhone at the WWDC? Yes or No?