Rogers To Release 15GB Data Plan, Empties Your Wallet

Beginning June 16, 2009, all new and existing Rogers Wireless customers are eligible for a new Data Plan. The plan includes 15GB of Data and runs for $150 per month. It is primarily geared towards seriously heavy data users and the Rogers Mobile Internet

Data Plan for Heavy Users (Effective June 16, 2009)

  • Price: $150 per month
  • Data included per month: 15GB
  • Time frame: Begins June 16, 2009
  • Overages: 1¢ per additional MB
  • Contract Term: Available on monthly or 1/2/3 year contract terms
  • Device support: All iPhones, Blackberries, HTC Devices, Smartphones, and Mobile Internet Sticks

That is ALOT of data for a mobile phone! So just how much data do you use? More than 15GB per month? Sound off below!