iPhone 3G S Contract Free Pricing: $699/$799 at Apple Retail Stores in Canada!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have some important news regarding how to buy the iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3G! You can now purchase them at Apple Retail stores across Canada! You can setup a personal shopping appointment and ensure that you can get your hands on an iPhone 3G S on Friday at 8am (which is earlier than Rogers retail stores)!


iPhone 3G S Contract-Free Pricing Revealed on Apple.ca (Rogers, where are you?)

The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S will now be sold at Apple Retail stores. Their website reveals contract free pricing on iPhones that Rogers has failed to deliver, even though we’ve asked them politely. The funny thing is, the prices are tucked away in the grey colored footnotes, so they are hard to see.

Thanks to andrewe for the heads up!

8GB iPhone 3G – $599
16GB iPhone 3G S – $699
32GB iPhone 3G S – $799

Click below for the full sized picture:


Umm…yeah, so there you go. Take those contract-free prices at what they’re worth, and enjoy. Is it worth it to buy the iPhone 3G S outright, and avoid renewing to a max 3 year contract? Just think about possible GSM competition in a year or two…will you be able to switch if you’re still locked in? Food for thought!

Want to beat the rush to the Apple Store? You can also BOOK a Personal Shopping appointment and avoid the line up! Do it now before the time slots run out!

Some other interesting tidbits revealed it the footnotes:

Requires subscription to new 3-year term Rogers Wireless voice and data plan or new 3-year Fido Agreement with Data Option

So that means if you sign a new 3 year contract, you MUST have a voice and data plan. Before, people were able to buy the iPhone without a data plan.

Also, I was told earlier in the day that Fido.ca in their iPhone 3G S FAQ had contract free pricing posted. However, later on it was taken down mysteriously. How handy for customers who have been trying to find information all week huh?

So the big question remains: if you’re buying/upgrading the iPhone 3g S, where are you going to go to get your hands on one (aside from camping overnight outside a store)? Or is firmware 3.0 good enough for you?

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