iPhone 3G vs 3GS Speed Test: Video of Boot Up Times

As most of you know, I was one of the lucky ones to pick up an iPhone 3GS on the June 19th launch day. The “S” stands for speeds and today I’m going to start showing a few videos of how the iPhone 3GS compares to its little brother, the iPhone 3G.

Let’s start from the very basics and see how the reboot times are with the iPhone 3G vs the 3GS. Just to let you know, both iPhones have 57 apps installed, which seems to affect boot up times. I know some of you are thinking “WHO CARES ABOUT BOOT UP TIMES IPHONE FAN, YOU @#!$%!” Well, if tech websites use the boot up benchmark for speed, why can’t I?

So there you go. I have one more video coming that will show the general smoothness and speed of the 3G vs 3GS. This will include a speed test over the 3G network. Stay tuned to see that video next!

Question of the day: How many apps do you have installed, and what is your iPhone 3GS boot up time?