Rogers iPhone 3GS Still Out of Stock in Canada

If you’ve been thinking of getting your hands on the latest iPhone 3GS, and you plan on getting it from Rogers/Fido, think again (or get in line!). Currently, iPhone 3GS stock levels in Canada (and around the world) have been in short supply.

When the iPhone 3GS first went on sale it was expected they would sell out initially. But some forum members have been waiting since July 3rd for their iPhone 3GS to show up! That’s over two months waiting for the iPhone 3GS to arrive–I’d go stir crazy waiting if that was me (luckily I got mine on opening day thanks to a special ninja).

As of Yesterday–the iPhone 3GS is Still Out of Stock in Vancouver

One of my best friends joined the iPhone 3GS club yesterday–sort of. We called up Rogers on the phone to setup his account with the 6GB/$30 data plan (it “expires” on Sept. 15th–but might get extended yet again) and renewed it to 3 years to maximize his iPhone 3GS subsidy. The only problem? Rogers does not have any iPhone 3GS units in stock and neither does Vancouver!

We called the Apple Store, and a few Rogers dealers and flagship locations. Every time we got the same result: sorry, no iPhone 3GS in stock (plus a short giggle afterwards). Because of the short iPhone 3GS supply, many people looking to buy one on Craigslist are going to pay the ultimate price. I’ve seen prices range from $680-850 for various iPhone 3GS models. I’d definitely hold off getting one off Craigslist until stocks levels return to normal.

Tips on How to Get your Grubby Paws on an iPhone 3GS in Canada

So just how the heck do you get an iPhone 3GS if they are out of stock? Well, try a combination of the various tips (your mileage may vary):

1. Find a list of every single Rogers/Fido dealer in your area. Call them daily to see if they received a shipment of iPhone 3GS units. Give them your number as ask if they can hold one for you. Or, if you’re desperate, go in person and bribe an employee with the good ol’ “Vegas” slider trick to get him/her to hold one for you.

2. Repeat the above but at your local Apple Store.

3. Visit the Rogers iPhone 3GS website to check for updates. It unfortunately shows this:


4. Buy an iPhone 3G and tell your friends it’s an iPhone 3GS (they won’t know the difference if you hide the video function, camera autofocus, compass, and the chrome Apple logo/lettering on the back of the case).

5. Pray to the Apple gods to deliver a shipment to your area. Meanwhile, whine and complain on iPhone blogs and forums to relieve your pent up frustration.

So there you have it. We don’t know when the iPhone 3GS will be back in stock, but one thing is for sure: waiting for your iPhone 3GS can be a painful experience but it’s a great way to test your patience. Either way, expect stock levels to be back to normal for the Christmas rush. Until then, be a good person, think positively and hopefully your iPhone 3GS will show up soon. 😉

Are you still waiting for your iPhone 3GS? When did you place your order?