What If iPhone OS Had: Cover Flow Multitasking and Springboard Expose

The beauty of the iPhone is that with each revision of the OS, the features and user experience gets better each time. At first we had firmware 1.x, 2.x and now up to 3.x (3.1.2 to be exact). What’s next for iPhone users when iPhone OS 4.0 drops? We can expect 4.0 firmware to drop possibly next Spring.

Until that point comes, the current 3.x firmware has a lot of places where it can grow. For starters, the lockscreen could be utilized more to show calendar events, missed calls, etc. Of course, if you have a jailbroken iPhone there are alternatives to make this dream a reality (think: SmartScreen and Intelliscreen).

What If iPhone OS Had The Following…

Anyways, the folks at Ocean Observations have come up with two concepts to answer the age old question of “What if iPhone OS Had…” To answer this question, they came up with features such as “Cover Flow Multitasking” and “Springboard Expose”. Watch the following YouTube videos to see these concepts in action:

Cover Flow Multitasking

Springboard Expose

Both concepts do seem like they could be usable features that would be widely appreciated by the iPhone community. However, until Apple announces what they have in store for iPhone OS 4.0, we’ll have to keep waiting and guessing.

What features would you like to see when OS 4.0 comes in the future?