ZAGGskins Review: Custom Designer Skins for the iPhone

I’ve owned every single generation of the iPhone so far. With each iPhone, I never used a silicon case. From the days of my first gen iPhone, I’ve been using ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD to protect my iPhone. It’s the strongest protection out there, and I like having less bulk to carry all the time.

Introducing: ZAGGskins–Custom Designed Skins for the iPhone

Today is the official launch of ZAGGskins, which is ZAGG’s entry into the designer skin market. Users can choose from 114 ZAGG-designed skins, or upload your own image to customize away! The neat thing about ZAGGskins is that they use the SAME material as the clear invisibleSHIELD on your iPhone. So you get protection and funky designs at the same time.


Customizing Your ZAGGskins Online–Upload Your Own Pictures

Although there are over 114 designs to choose from, and most are designed by a local Utah artist. The designs are nice, but of course it really comes down to your taste. I did notice ZAGG subtly inserting their logo into each design. It’s more prominent on some designs versus others. If you’re proud to show the world it’s done by ZAGG great. But I can see some people not wanting the ZAGG logo on their design.

How to bypass this? Create your own custom design! Anyways, it’s always nice to have your iPhone stand out from the MILLIONS out there right? Well now you can do that with ZAGGskins.


Here are some features:

* Scratch-proof your device with our exclusive, patented film which now includes unique patterns and custom designs
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
* Upload your own custom design for virtually indestructible protection that says “This is Me”
* The ultra-thin film will not add bulk to your device
* Our skins feature an easy 3-step install
* The only skin with the award winning toughness of the invisibleSHIELDâ„¢

How to Design Your Own Skin?

Just logon to the ZAGG website, and start customizing your iPhone 3G/3GS skins. It’s very easy to upload your own picture, plus you can add extra shapes for some flair. You can easily rotate, move and shrink your image. Well done for making it easy, ZAGG. It’s comparable to other customizable skin companies out there and is a very straightforward process. Check out my mad skillz below:


Looking at the reflection of the skin against light, its properties do reveal that it is indeed the same material as the invisibleSHIELD. Installing these ZAGGskins were a piece of cake! There’s no water involved as the skins themselves are adhesive, so they stick right onto your iPhone easily. Air bubbles are pretty much non-existent due to the design. Man, if only the original invisibleSHIELD was this easy to install. Here are some pics of a quick install of a Canadian flag ZAGGskin (the bezel pieces weren’t cut properly so I couldn’t put them on–but the other samples are fine).



The only thing is that the corner coverage of these ZAGGskins aren’t as thorough as the invisibleSHIELD. There are pieces for the top and bottom bezels, but the corners are lacking. But, even then it’s not a problem since the corners are usually the most difficult parts to install. However, the corners are cut very well to prevent peeling, and the adhesive works very well. Now that the complexity has been turned down a notch, it actually was quite pleasant installing these skins. Just line up the skin with the camera hole, then lay down from the center and start smoothing it out. Voila!

ZAGGskins are available for the iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, and iPod Touch. They are even available for the MacBook, Palm Pre, Blackberry, Android devices, cameras, and more. It seems ZAGG just continues to pump out skins for new models of electronic devices all the time. ZAGGskins are selling for 25% off right now at $14.99 (regular price $19.99), although this will end very soon.

Check out the following promo video:

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It’s been a while since I’ve given something away! Today we have SIX ZAGGskins to give away to lucky readers! Thanks to ZAGG for sending these our way. How to enter:

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– Leave a comment below explaining WHY you want a ZAGGskin!
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– Contest open to Canada and the USA; Ends Sunday, November 22nd at 11:59PM.



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