Canada Fourth Largest Market for iPhone and iPod Touch

AdMob, a Mobile advertising network recently purchased by Google, has released their “Mobile Metrics Report” for November 2009, which shows some interesting data in the report about the Canadian market for iPhone usage:

  • 50% of the unique iPhone and iPod touch devices that requested at least one ad from AdMob in November 2009 were located in the US. The UK, France, Canada and Germany were the next four biggest markets by unique user, respectively. In total, there were 23 countries with more than 100,000 unique iPhone and iPod touch devices in the AdMob network.
  • Over the past year, the number of users has increased faster internationally than in the US. In November 2009, 50% of unique users were located outside of the US, an increase from 39% in January 2009.
  • Japan, France, and Australia were the fastest growing of the Top 10 countries for Apple devices in 2009. The United States and Canada grew at a slower rate, likely due to the larger installed base of users. The number of unique users on Apple devices in AdMob’s network increased 150% in 2009.

This data is not just the sales of our Apple products, but also the unique number users, giving a quick overview of the potential of Apple’s mobile devices when you look to consider leveraging mobile to engage with audiences through that channel

admob_iphone-sales iphone-growth

The data in these images includes both the iPhone and iPod touch. In November 2009, the iPhone accounted for 71% and the iPod touch accounted for 29% of total unique users from Apple devices. There is only one direction that mobile advertising will go in 2010, so don’t be surprised when Canadian companies start pumping out more Apps. 🙂