Parrot AR.Drone iPhone Controlled Helicopter: I Want One!

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Expos in Las Vegas is a time when the world gets to see some of the latest gadgets and gizmos. Here’s something that I can see as a hot Christmas seller in the upcoming year: Parrot’s iPhone controlled quadricopter!

What makes this unique is that the quadricopter is controlled by the iPhone using wifi. The copter is equipped with a camera on the front which allows you to see where you’re flying on the iPhone, ultrasound sensors for altitude control, vertical camera to measure speed, embedded accelerometer and gyroscope, and an polyprolene hull so you don’t crash and burn flying indoors!


There’s also the ability for multiplayer Augmented Reality battles either versus a friend or a robot. This is so friggin cool!

Check out the following videos:

The Parrot AR.Drone is going to be available on March 5, 2010. As for pricing, that’s to be announced. Please. Hurry. Up. Thanks.