Rogers Extends Six Months Unlimited Local Calling Promotion

Last month, Rogers launched a promotion that gave customers six months of unlimited local calling. The Canadian wireless carriers usually provide one month or no months of unlimited local calling, so to come out with six months is definitely a Canadian first.

Last month, the promotion for Rogers came out rather late in the month and expired on March 31, 2010. Rogers has now extended the promotion until May 3, 2010.

The six months unlimited local calling bonus is available on the following 3-year term in-market plans from Rogers:

  • Value Plans for phones
  • Value Plans for Smartphones
  • iPhone plans
  • Couples & Family Share Plans
  • All business plans
  • EPP plans


  • Rogers has indicated that when a new customer signs up with Rogers and receives the six month promotion and then changes their price plan any time during the six month promotional period, that customer will lose the six months unlimited local calling promotion with no chance of getting it back.
  • The promotion is for new activations only (does not apply to existing customers)