Rogers Launches “Extreme” Text Messaging

What started as a plan a few months ago as “Enhanced Text Messaging”, Rogers has now officially released “Extreme” Text Messaging for new and existing customers.

Extreme Text Messaging delivers numerous text messaging enhancements to Rogers customers. Features such as blockers, signatures, and distribution lists are just some of the available options.

With the launch, Rogers has stated that the new features are available to customers free of charge whether customers have pay-per-use text messaging or a text message package.

Below are listed the new text messaging features, some of which the iPhone can already preform:


  • Out of town or can’t reply to your text messages? Set up an auto reply message that will automatically be sent to anyone who texts you.


  • Block text messages from an unwanted source. Owners of the mobile numbers that you block will not be notified that you blocked their number.


  • Automatically send copies of your text messages to another wireless phone or an email address for safekeeping. That way you have a record of the chat in case you need to look up a detail or you’ve forgotten what was said.


  • Similar to call forwarding, with Extreme Text Messaging you can now forward text messages to another wireless phone number. Perfect, if you carry a business and a personal phone and only want to carry one with you for the weekend.

Distribution Lists

  • Need to send one text to multiple people? Similar to email, Extreme Text Messaging lets you create distribution lists, so you can quickly message everyone at once.

Personal Signature

  • Personalize your texts by automatically adding a personal signature such as your nickname, job title or your favourite quote to each text you send.

Users can manage these new features via the My Account section of the Rogers Mobile Internet Portal. Specific set up instructions are available at Rogers.