Telus Price Increases: Caller Display, Call Forwarding, Five Favourite Numbers

Bringing themselves on par with Rogers, Telus has now increased the prices on a series of their services.

This week, the company has increased pricing on the following standalone feature add-ons:

  • Caller Display: $8.00/month (was $7)
  • Call Forwarding: $3.00/month (was $2)
  • Local Five Favorite Numbers (Talk/Text to five numbers): $15.00/month (was $10)
  • Nationwide Five Favorite Numbers (Talk/Text to five numbers): $20.00/month (was $15)

So why the change you ask? Well you could say because Rogers and Telus love playing tag with each other and when one company increases rates, the other follows.

However, don’t you find it convenient with the new iPhone 4 coming out for Telus to increase prices? Lots of new customers coming, what a great way to make some extra revenue! (/sarcasm)

Do note however that if you are an existing Telus customer and already have the previously listed features on your account, the price does not change for you. But, if an existing customer was to take the feature off and add it back again, they would be charged the new price. Also, if you have a bundle pack, you are unaffected.

In other words, the changes only affect new customers adding the feature to their account for the first time or existing customers making account changes/feature removals.