Saskatchewan Government 911 Fee Increases For Fido Customers

Effective June 2010, the Saskatchewan Government 911 Fee that Fido customers pay will be increasing to $0.62 per month from the previously charged $0.38 per month.

The change will affect all Fido prepaid (Pay as you Go) customers and all Fido postpaid (contracts) customers that are being charged the system access fee/911 fee on previously offered Fido plans.

This also affects Fido customers who subscribed to a monthly price plan after November 4, 2008, as these customers will only be charged the provincial 911 fee or the municipal 911 tax (not all provinces in Canada charge this).

After November 4, 2008 Fido no longer charged the system access fee but local governments still had various 911 fees that customers paid.

For more information about the 911 charges, visit

For details on how this fee supports access to 911 services, Fido customers can contact the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing at 1-888 953-3693 or email