Rogers/Fido Begin New Data Block Policy

Effective June 2010, Rogers/Fido will no longer be honoring requests to block data on prepaid (pay as you go) and postpaid (contracts) customer accounts. Existing customers that already have data blocks are not affected until they take the block off.

The new Data Block Policy states that Rogers/Fido will no longer offer Data Blocking services which includes domestic and roaming data blocks. In other words, if you were to call Rogers or Fido and ask them to block your data because you are roaming or have an iPhone without a data plan, their answer will be “No”.

However, in typical Rogers/Fido fashion, they offer this comforting knowledge:

This change will allow customers the flexibility to access data when they want, without having to call Customer Care to add/remove the block.

The flexibility to access data when they want is essentially sugar coating that customers who want data blocked will either have to pay per use for data (expensive) or purchase a data plan. If the policy was truly flexible, Rogers/Fido would allow customers to block data.

But wait, don’t hate just yet.

For customers that request a data block, aside from hearing “No”, customers will will hear about the new data block policy as well. Then, customers will have one of three options:

1.) Be up-sold or hear all about the “value” that a data plan/option provides

2.) Or receive “education” on the Rogers/Fido Data Day Pass. You can read all about that here.

3.) Or be told to manage your data connectivity directly from your device.

Great advice!

Okay, now you can hate.