iPhone 4 Video Walkthrough & More Bumper Case Pics

If you are still craving more iPhone 4 hands on goodness, iLounge posted a decent hands on walkthrough. They cover FaceTime and iMovie, plus just the overall navigation of iOS 4 on the iPhone 4. If that’s not enough for you, be sure to check out our iPhone 4 Hands on Video Round Up.

Clearer Pictures of the iPhone 4 Bumper Case

Apple’s venture into the accessories department includes the Apple iPad Case (functional and lightweight) and now the iPhone 4 Bumper case. This case is just a wrap that protects the outside edges of your iPhone 4. The pictures on Apple’s website don’t give a sense of how well it will protect your phone, but AppAdvice has posted some decent pictures.

As you can see below, the bumper will raise the iPhone 4 a bit when placed on a flat surface. I’ve been using the invisibleSHIELD on my iPhone 3GS and iPad and it does the job without the bulkiness of a case. Maybe these Bumpers are worth considering? The price is a bit steep at $29 each (yes, $29).

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