Poll: You Going to Buy an Unlocked iPhone 4 in Canada?

Last night the Apple Store went down and when it came back up–some changes occurred (aside from a refreshed Mac Mini). We read about how the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 will now be sold UNLOCKED from Apple when you buy them outright. Once again, the wording goes as follows:

When you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online Store, you’ll get it commitment-free. So you can sign up for service with the carrier of your choice and change your carrier at any time.

It works internationally.
Because this iPhone is commitment-free, you can purchase a micro-SIM or SIM card and service from a local carrier at your destination. Or check with your home carrier regarding international roaming charges.

Canadians: The Shackles Have Come Loose

This is news is huge for Canadians. No longer will we be forced to use carrier locked phones to Rogers, Telus and Bell. Previously, getting an unlocked GSM phone meant paying full price for an out of country phone, or paying extra to get it unlocked from the ‘Big 3’ (if they even acknowledged you).

The reason for Apple’s change to factory unlocked units? I place it solely on the Google Nexus One being sold factory unlocked during its launch and the fact Apple sold the iPad 3G unlocked. These two events hinted that Apple would sell their iPhones unlocked. Many predicted Apple would match Google (including myself) and this makes travelling now with an iPhone truly a dream.

Previously, the only countries where iPhones were sold unlocked were Hong Kong and Italy. Now, you can include Canada, the UK and France to that list. Oh, and our American friends? Doesn’t look like they are included in the exclusive “unlocked” club just yet.

Poll: Will You Pay Full Price for an Unlocked iPhone 4 in Canada?

The iPhone 3GS is being sold unlocked for $549. We can assume from this price the iPhone 4 will be sold outright for $649/749 for the 16GB/32GB models. This is a small price to pay for freedom. What will you do?

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