White iPhone 4 Device & Box Revealed!

When the iPhone 4 was made available for preorder in the USA, only the black model 16/32GB was available. On launch day, once again, only the black iPhone 4 was available for sale. The white iPhone 4 has been “coming soon” for a long time and has not been seen very often.

This week, a series of photos showing Apple’s white iPhone 4 have been revealed. The device exists after all!

The photos showcase the box, which is exactly the same as the black iPhone 4 box except that the photo on the front is of a white iPhone. Other photos include various device shots and a quick photo of the iPhone 4 dock.

How this individual received a white iPhone 4 is unknown, but it looks legitimate.

At the end of June, Apple announced that availability of white iPhone 4 models will be delayed until the second half of July due to manufacturing challenges. In other words, both the black and white iPhone 4 models should be available for sale for Canada’s launch later this month.

[M.I.C Gadget]