iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD Now with Antenna Protection

The iPhone 4 release in Canada is a mere 5 days away. Are you ready for one of the biggest iPhone launches since the iPhone 3G? On July 30th, Canadians will finally get their hands on the iPhone. You will also get a free Bumper case (if they are in stock). But if you want some clear protection without the bulk, ZAGG has recently included side protection with their iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD kits.

The latest full body iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD includes “antenna protection” for $24.99. It’s strange why ZAGG didn’t include these side strips earlier as the original iPhone 4 full body only consisted of front/back protectors. Either way, if you’re looking to solve the “antenna issue” this will do the job.

Check out the following video showing an iPhone 4 with and without side protection:

I’ll have my iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD ready when I pick up my new iPhone on Friday. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you guys–we’ll be giving away some of these iPhone 4 full body invisibleSHIELDS on the blog and in the forums so stay tuned!

Can’t wait any longer? Use our coupon code “iphoneinca” to save 20% instantly. Enjoy!

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