UK Wireless Carrier Says No White iPhone 4 Until “End of the Year”

This week, Orange, a UK wireless provider that supports the iPhone, has sent out an email to its customers indicating that the white iPhone 4 model will not be available “until the end of the year”.

With no white iPhone 4 available for sale, the UK carrier offers customers to opt for a black model instead, encouraging customers to buy now instead of later.

We wanted to let you know that there won’t be any white iPhone 4’s in the UK until the end of the year.

If you’re happy to wait another few months we’ll let you know as soon as they’re back in stock.

want an iPhone 4 now?

Alternatively, if you want it now, click here or visit your local Orange shop to get the iPhone 4 Black 16GB or 32GB today.

It is unknown whether Orange has received official word from Apple regarding the availability of the white model iPhone 4 or if the carrier is basing the email on Apple’s earlier public disclosure of the white model iPhone 4 being delayed until “later this year”.

In either case, Canadian carriers have not made any announcements yet and the only evidence we have is from Apple’s official statement.

Many potential iPhone 4 customers have been holding out for the white model, hoping that the device will be released sooner rather than later. However, if the white iPhone 4 is delayed until the end of 2010, that will put the device almost half way through its product life cycle.

At this time, Apple has yet to officially announce the reason for the white iPhone 4 delays. Rumors have claimed manufacturing problems surrounding the iPhone 4 casing and touchscreen display.

Are you waiting for the white model iPhone 4? Or did you opt for the black model instead?


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