Skype Monthly Subscriptions: 15% Off Till Sept. 22th

Do you make a lot of long distance calls? If you do, then you definitely should be using Skype on your iPhone. With the various Skype Subscription plans, you can make unlimited calls to landlines/cellphones for low prices.

Rogers currently charges $0.35/minute for long distance Canadian calls. That can add up, but if you have a Skype Subscription plan you’re going to save big time. For $2.99/month, the plan I’m subscribed to allows me to make unlimited calls to Canada/USA (we’ve talked about this before). Now that the Skype iPhone app can make calls over 3G and WiFi (before it was limited to WiFi, and we had to jailbreak to get calls over 3G), there is no reason to not save.

15% Off Monthly Subscriptions Till Wednesday, September 22th

Skype has a promotion for 15% off monthly subscription plans if you sign up for a year. Normally, it will cost about $36 for one year, but with the discount you’ll be paying about $29, or about $2.40/month! If you talk 8 minutes worth of long distance with Rogers, that could pay for an entire month of unlimited long distance calls with Skype! It’s a no brainer.

This plan is awesome if you have friends or relatives across Canada and the USA. But the cool thing is you can make these unlimited calls no matter where you are. So when I was in Seattle with my wife during the summer, calls home were very easy. Find a Starbucks, use their free WiFi and make Skype calls home. Insane long distance roaming charges avoided!

You can also add Caller ID that will show any cellphone’s number by adding Skype Credit.

If you have a 3rd gen iPod touch, this will work too as all you need are Apple headphones with a mic. It even works on my iPad.

Click here to check out the Skype Subscription plans. Jump on this before the discount ends on Wednesday!

Update 1: Changed to 15% off, the website discount is different for the Can/US plan. Edited the expiration date.