Review: Incipio iPhone 4 Feather Case

Being the owner of the iPhone 4 I’m left with a dilemma. Should I use a case? I have owned all 4  generations of the iPhone, and I have had about 4 or 5 cases for each phone. I would love to use my phone “naked” as I love the look of Apples flagship device, but we all know the dangers associated with that.

Speaking of dangers, the problem with the iPhone 4 is also its best feature, the glass on the front and back. It looks amazingly sexy, but it is also prone to damage if you don’t baby it.

You could instead use a clear case. There are many to choose from, but most of them look a bit tacky. Another problem with the clear cases is the fact that you can see all the dirt and grime that gets stuck under the case. An alternative would be to use the invisibleSHIELD which Gary as well as myself use.

That is all well and good, but what about those that don’t like the feel of ZAGG’s product? Well I have found a great case that keeps most of the sexy look of the iPhone, but also adds the protection from bumps and constant sliding around on my desk. The Incipio iPhone 4 Feather Case.

This case looks great and is very strong. It comes in tons of different colours for
everyones sense of style. A nice feature is that it does not stick to the inside of your jeans pocket like gel skins usually do. Additionally, the case will not impede you from sitting the phone on its side for movie watching.

All in all, it is a great case that is the best of the few that I have used. Has anyone else used this case? What’s your take on it?