Shipping Estimates Improve for iPhone 4…In the U.S.

Even though this only applies to the U.S. online Apple store, this could very well mean the tide is swaying in our favour (that being, those of us who still haven’t got our new iPhone 4). The shipping estimate south of the border has improved from 3 weeks to just 5-7 business days for both the 16GB and 32GB models. Of course, still no white iPhone 4 in sight.

The bad news is, those shipping estimates have not improved in Canada. A quick jaunt over to the store still shows a 3 week shipping estimate but if things are improving for our American friends, maybe it will for us in the near future.

This improvement aligns with analyst predictions late in the summer that supply might start to better meet demand by the end of September. However, it will still be a while before we see 24 hour shipping times (if ever). It took about four months (late August) for the iPad to reach that after being released in April. If we follow that logic, we MIGHT see 24 hour turn-around by December but don’t quote me on that.

Of course, this is for online orders and although there is an obvious correlation to in-store stock and vendor/carrier availability, people have had varied success in getting their hands on the iPhone 4 in significantly less time.

How soon do you think it’ll be before the Canadian shipping estimates drop as well?


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