Mophie Juice Pack Boost Review & Giveaway

I have to admit, I’m a fan of Mophie Products. I’d used a Juice Pack Case for my 2G right up until I upgraded to the 4 this year. As we are all sadly aware, getting accessories out quick enough for the iPhone 4 was a bit taxing on accessories makers this year, but luckily Mophie was on top of their game and put out two mobile charging options relatively quickly.

Given that they just (finally!) launched the full iPhone 4 Juice Pack Air Case – I think it would be a fitting time to let our readers know about my experience with the Juice Pack Boost and to give it away to someone who really wants it.

Firstly, if you’re used to using a mobile charging case like I was, where your extra battery fits snugly around your iDevice, than the Boost might take a bit of getting used to as a second battery pack. However, it’s super useful and fast. While you might want to avoid talking on the phone while it’s attached, it certainly fits well while charging in your purse, bag, backpack or whatever.

I used it mostly over the 2010 Toronto Film Festival, where I was out of the house nearly 10hrs each day, using my iPhone nearly every minute I wasn’t actually watching a film. I’d use it in line, between movies, on the commute in, and back each day. Between the regular surfing and using MyWi (for my iPad), I was draining the battery amazingly fast. So the boost really came to my rescue.

When my battery was getting low, I’d pop on the battery pack just before going into a flick, and by the time I came out, my iPhone was charged again. Brilliant. While, I feel the time it takes to charge the boost itself seems longer than the time to charge the phone, having both charged when you leave for a 10hr day is your best bet to get the most out of this extra battery pack.

Check out the several battery options for the iPhone 4 from Mophie. The Boost is $59.95 USD + Shipping, while they do have a more cost effective option, the ‘Reserve’ for $39.95 + Shipping. The Juice Pack Air (case) is out now too, and I’ll definitely update you about my experiences with it once I get it, and have a chance to test it out.

If you want to win the Juice Pack Boost I’ve been using – go ahead and either comment below – just let me know why you need one! Contest is open until Midnight ET on Wednesday October 27th!

My followers on twitter know they’ll always get an extra chance to win, so you might want to be one of them.

Good Luck to Everyone!

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