Apple’s Plan to Unify the Volume Slider

Ever since the release of the first iPhone and the introduction of iPhone OS (now iOS), users of the iPhone have been learning features each step of the way with new iOS versions. Think about what you know from iPhone OS 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and now iOS 4.x.

Navigating the features of iOS have become second nature to us. Then Apple introduces the iPad, a new device that we immediately embrace, love and know how to use. What Apple has learned from the iPad is going to OS X 10.7 Lion. Integration is everywhere including the unification of one particular item has caught my eye: volume sliders.

With the latest updates to iTunes 10 and iOS 4.2 GM, Apple has managed to unify the volume slider icon. People have wondered why the heck Apple introduced the volume slider in iOS 4.2 GM within the multitasking tray on the iPhone. It’s also there on the iPad. Apple wants everyone to recognize and that shiny volume knob:

iPhone: iOS 4.2 GM

iPad: iOS 4.2 GM

iTunes: 10.0.1

What I love about iOS is that features stay consistent across all over your devices. Double tapping the home button on one device is the same across the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Apple’s unifying everything beneath our eyes.